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1941 Maltese Falcon Humphrey Bogart Prop Statue  Exclusively From 

The Haunted Studios 

 The Original Maltese Falcon
Our 1941 Maltese Falcon Is Number One on Every Movie Lover's Wish List - For Over 50 years - Here's Why:

  • Screen Accurate in every detail, cast in unbreakable resin just like the original and produced with the same techniques used to create the most famous film prop of all time, The Original 1941 Maltese Falcon Statue. 

  • Each 1941 Falcon is individually fabricated by applying hand burnishing and aging techniques to a Haunted Studios Original Maltese Falcon™ -  make no mistake, this is not an amateur made sculpture or Interpretation, but an authentic casting of a real motion picture hand prop that had been in use for over 20 years when we acquired it in 1963.  The result is a Screen Accurate replica with an authenticated history that is unconditionally guaranteed against chips, cracks, and breaks for the life time of the original buyer

  • Available with optional Special Gift Packing; the Falcon wrapped in Chinese newsprint, bound with jute twine, and securely packed in an exclusive replica of Captain Jacobi's burlap La Paloma sea bag

  • SOLID LEAD FILLED RESIN SPECIAL EDITION - Choose the option everyone has been asking for, our Special Haunted Studios 50th Anniversary Edition, a heavyweight solid lead filled Polyurethane Resin casting available in your choice of 10, 20, 25, or 30 pound versions, the Falcon by which all others are judged! 

  • In stock and ready to ship via USPS or FedEx and, as for the last 10 years, our Base Price is Still Only $99.00 More Information/Place Order


The Original
Haunted Studios 1963 Maltese Falcon


This is the original and authentic Haunted Studios™ casting that we have offered exclusively for over 50Original Haunted Studios Maltese Falcon

 We have been the only, authentic source since 1963.   

This is the full feather detailed Falcon that is the basis of our 1941 Maltese Falcon prop replica shown above, and is also cast in reinforced, hardened UltraResin.  Make no mistake, this is no amateur made sculpture or Interpretation, this is an authentic casting of a motion picture hand prop that had been in use for over 20 years when we acquired it in 1963.  

ORDER THE 10, 20, 25, or 30 POUND HEAVYWEIGHT:  Our Special Haunted Studios 60th Anniversary Edition, a heavyweight solid lead filled Polyurethane Resin casting with a minimum shipping weight of your choice of either 10, 20, 25, or 30 pound versions, the Falcon by which all others are judged!

This original version was first offered in 1963 by Ken Patterson.   It was in that year, with help from his friend sculptor Vito Paulekas, Ken produced the first Studio 303™ mold of the Falcon.  Within days he had sold the first castings through a collector's book shop just off of Hollywood Blvd.  This Original Maltese Falcon has been offered for sale by The Haunted Studios™ continuously since 1963.  Click here for more complete history of the Falcon


Our Original Maltese Falcon is featured exclusively in the documentary from Warner Brothers, The Maltese Falcon: One Magnificent Bird


Producers Leva Filmworks chose our Original Falcon to star as the famous black bird in their documentary, part of a three disk Special Edition Maltese Falcon DVD set from Warner Entertainment.  


  Screen shots from The Maltese Falcon: One Magnificent Bird 

are  copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment 2006

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February Life Mask of The Month

Haunted Studios Announces  

Abraham Lincoln Full Head

Life Cast from 1865 Original Available Now

Abraham Lincoln 1865 Full Head Life Mask

We are bringing this Abraham Lincoln life size full head casting back as our February 2017 Limited Edition.  We are producing just 25 units of this life cast, then it will be gone until November.  Available in Classic White, Antique Gold/Bronze, or Antique silver to match any collection or decor.  This full head cast has a flat bottom for table top display.  Foam filled resin casting will not chip or crack and is truly a lifetime collectible.  Click Here for more information or to order now.

If you are looking to build a world class life mask collection be sure to select NOTIFY WHEN BACK IN STOCK from any life mask page on our website, that way you will be sure to be notified by email when an item is available.   Each month the mask with the most NOTIFY WHEN BACK IN STOCK requests will be our featured Life Mask of The Month.   We also have limited numbers of NOS life masks in stock, you may find our current selection of

As always, thanks for your interest in our collection

Jim Phelps, Patterson Family Trust Administrator, for


Ken Patterson